Classes We Offer

Classes begin Monday, August 16, 2021​
Hours are Monday - Friday 7:00am - 5:30pm
.2s Classes:                                                                                                 
(must be 2 on or before Sept 1 and beginning to toilet train)
MWF   $525/monthly    (limited spaces)                                                         
T TH   $350/monthly    (limited spaces)
M-F     $800/monthly

3s Classes:                                                                                                 

(must be 3 on or before Sept 1 and fully toilet trained)

MWF  $475/monthly   (limited spaces)

T TH   $320/monthly   (limited spaces)

M-F    $720/monthly

VPK Classes:   (must be 4 on or before Sept 1)

M-F     9-12pm  FREE - Fully funded by State of Florida  OR:

M-F     9-12pm  FREE - Fully funded by State of Florida  PLUS:

             $600/monthly    Wraparound Care (7-9am & 1200-530p)

VPK Summer Months:  

M-F      $675/monthly

NON-REFUNDABLE fee of $200 is required at the time of registration to hold your child's spot in class.   Registration forms and deposits will be accepted in the church office, in person or via USPS.  Fees may be paid by check.   You will be notified via email that your registration has been accepted, once we receive the form and deposit. 

*** In the event that Christ the King does not meet minimum capacity requirements by June 21st, parents will be notified in writing and deposits will be returned. 




Enrollment Forms

Please download, complete and  print the following forms to enroll your child.

Samples of Required Documents

provided by your  pediatrician