Our Program

At CTK, your child will be learning important school-readiness skills in our classrooms. Many of these skills are academic in nature, such as simple addition and beginning and ending sounds of words. Equally important are social skills like sharing, conversation and following directions. Along the way, we will also practice gross and fine motor skills such as kicking/throwing a ball, using scissors, and handwriting.


To promote consistency in our program, CTK uses a team approach to cover the developmental domains, such as those outlined in the Florida VPK Education Standards. 

Our older students are divided into three groups and rotate through three learning stations throughout the morning, spending approximately 50 minutes in each station. 

Station 1: Emergent Literacy/Math

Emergent literacy includes pre-reading skills such as Print Knowledge (recognizing letters) and  Phonological Awareness (knowing letter sounds). Math skills include counting by rote and by one-to-one correspondence, recognizing numbers 1–20, simple addition, simple graphs, and ordinal numbers. We use Handwriting Without Tears as our beginning handwriting curriculum.

Station 2: Science/Approaches to Learning & the Arts

Science includes learning about our natural world through hands-on experiences. Children are encouraged to experiment both independently and within small group settings. Enhanced dramatic play builds social skills and fosters imagination, and access to music and various art supplies promotes artistic creativity.

Station 3: Physical Education

The physical education component of our program includes both instructor-led exercise and free outdoor play. Children participate in stretching and balancing exercises to build core strength. They learn group games such as soccer and t-ball as well as individual skills such as jumping rope, skipping, and climbing. Healthy habits are also taught throughout the year.  



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